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 Lake Sabrina Boat Landing


May 15, 2017


A very Happy MaMa Day to all the MaMa’s!


The Lake is partially ice-free thanks to the winds Friday. Some pretty good gusts helped melt the ice in front of the Café – it was almost mesmerizing watching the ice move and melt right before your eyes. Had a gal come in Sunday and she had thought she lost her fishing mojo – sent her down to the rocks in front of the Café – boom 7 fish (released 2) – she was one happy fisherwoman again! What did she use – NightCrawlers and PowerBait.


The Bald Eagles are giving us quite a show. Gliding over the Lake and then swooping down to grab a trout. Appears we have an adult pair and a juvenile. The juvenile had blue tape on the top of the wings and underneath with a silver band on one leg and a gold on the other. Spoke with a gal that volunteers with WildLife rescure and she seems to think it was a bird that was injured and now has been released.


The deer are starting their Spring migration up to cooler areas, but they might be a bit confused with the weather. Had a report of a bear at the North Lake turn-off – yup, they are up and about.


We’re looking at some unsettled weather (meaning Mother Nature is at it again). We’ve got snow in here today (Monday) and Tuesday and winds due in Tuesday with high temps in the mid-40’s and lows in the 20s. Temps start climbing into the 50s on Thursday and just go up from there. Looks like the weekend will be spectacular (unless Mom throws us a curve ball). Check www.weather.gov – enter Aspendell, CA, in the search field and scroll down a bit.


Hard to believe Mule Days is coming up quickly – May 23 to May 28. Come early in the week for the competitions and demonstrations, and come back over the weekend for the great shows in the main arena. Check out the many western vendors and don't forget to stroll through the barn area for a close-up look at the beautiful, athletic animals. Saturday's parade down Bishop's Main Street is not to be missed! See you there; more info at http://muledays.org.


Had a great surprise on Saturday – Rick’s brothers and sister-in-laws brought Juanita up for a visit. Juanita is usually found at the Lake on Sunday mornings, but it was nice to have the family together for MaMa’s Day. 


Important stuff that just stays in the report for a bit:


Make sure you wear some kind of sun protection – the sun and reflection off the snow will do a number on your skin and eyeballs!


Might be a while before the hikers can get in – the Sabrina Basin TrailHead is still under about 2 feet of snow. There is also a good drift on the trail across from the Café where an avalanche came down in the winter – looks like about a 10’ drift.


Some new faces with us this year.


Safe travels.


Juanita, Rick, Patti, Len, Ginny, Dwayne, Jamin & Wade