Fish & Trail Report

A little rain, a little shine, we’re still in love with Summertime
Lucky for us, and everyone else for that matter, we didn’t have any crazy blown out windy days this week…hooray! And for those of us that were prepared for them, the afternoon thunderstorms didn’t last too long so they were only a minor inconvenience for the most part. Well, truth be told there was some exceptional napping weather on Wednesday and Saturday so I didn’t mind haha.
The trail conditions are ideal right now so lace ‘em up gang!, Grab your topo map or fancy-pants cell phone app, and come on up to one of the 5 trailheads in our canyon for some hiking. The backcountry lakes are all ice-free and the trails are almost completely clear aside from some snow drifts near the headwall and top of Piute and Bishop pass. Word to the wise….the skeeters are no joke. Down at Parchers and even at Lake Sabrina they aren’t constant, but when they decide to come out in the evening, they’re obnoxious as heck….and the first round of bloodsuckers tend to be on the larger side. Fun times. We have heard multiple reports that the backcountry is swarming with mosquitoes, especially near any standing water, so do yourself a favor and don’t leave home without repellant, a head net or both.

Sothern California Edison did some minor work at Intake 2 last week (and a little on the Lake Sabrina dam as well) so they brought the water down a little bit down there This resulted in them pinching off the flow into that small lake which brought us up really really fast for a while. Now that the work has apparently been completed, Intake 2 is nearly full again and the last couple days the lake level at Lake Sabrina has stayed stable. We’re expecting it to continue rising for while yet but truth be told, we’re pretty happy with the water we have considering we’re in the third year of another nasty drought…anything more is gravy. Plenty of water right now to stock and for our guests to have a blast out there on a boat, kayak or pontoon.  
After the Fathers Day weekend stocking of Idaho Rainbows we’ve really seen a jump in the action for folks fishing the creek, ponds or Lake Sabrina. A lot of folks are fly fishing or using artificial lures and practicing catch and release as well which we certainly appreciate. If you don’t need to keep fish for dinner, you might as well catch them and then let ‘em swim away for someone else to enjoy.


Some really solid 2 – 3lb models are adding extra excitement to an already very good fishing season in the BCC so far this year. We spread those Idaho fish around as good as we could so creek anglers have a really good chance of sticking some fish over a pound to go along with some 3/4lb catchables and the DFW stockers as well.


South Lake is too low to bother with as far as boating goes, and it hasn’t been stocked since 2020 so I’d focus on other areas. North Lake for instance has been pretty good although it has slowed down a tad since the weekend.


Boaters on Sabrina continue to have the best luck in the canyon right now with practically everyone who goes out reporting good counts regardless of skill level or experience. If you hike to the back of the lake or kick back in your float tube to one of the inlets, you’ll surely do well there too. Jigs, panther martins, any nymph or balanced leach, and nightcralwers were the hot flies/lures/baits this week.


Rainbow Pack Outfitters, which is located just below Parchers Resort on the So. Fork of Bishop Creek, has now moved up the hill and are running multiple different day rides from 30 minutes for the kids to all day for the backcountry fishing enthusiast. Give them a call. 760-873-8877

Current Boat Rental Schedule
Lake Sabrina Store & Boat Rentals Open Daily
7am – 6pm til Labor Day (Weather Permitting)
8am – 6pm Labor Day to October.
Boat reservations can be made here
You can also call or email for availability.  Current fleet is 4 pontoons, six 8hp motorboats, three 15hp push start motorboats, and 2 kayaks. We expect to keep adding boats until there’s no more room on the dock or the beach.
The Sabrina Café opening has been pushed back to mid-July….
Still honing the menu, completing the water system transfer, country permitting and programming the new POS system. It finally feels like we’re checking off boxes and making progress though…finally YAY!!!.

Weather Updates and Forecasts for Our Specific Longitude and Latitude Can Be Found at and clicking the puffy little cloud below our phone number.


With the increase in foot traffic inevitable, it’s a good time to remind everyone to PLEASE PAY ATTENTION to, and more importantly ADHERE TO, signage. There is day use parking, overnight parking, overflow parking, places where parking is prohibited for the safety of everyone, signs about where to put trash and where you can and can’t have a fire. It takes one moron ignoring the parking signs to start an avalanche of copycats making a summer weekend a parking nightmare for everyone. It takes one jerk with a match to end the entire season or a whole lot worse.


All USFS roads and campgrounds in the White Mountain Ranger District are currently open.



Talk to y’all next week,
Jared, Seth, Steve, Judy and the rest of the Parchers Resort & Lake Sabrina Crew

Photos of the Week
2-5bamsfamily 6-25-22
2-5bamsfamily 6-25-22

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Leslie and Sydny Riding 6-22
Leslie and Sydny Riding 6-22

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Girls are girls 6-25-22
Girls are girls 6-25-22

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2-5bamsfamily 6-25-22
2-5bamsfamily 6-25-22

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