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The Bishop Creek Canyon  Trout Fishery

 The Bishop Creek Canyon holds some of the most spectacular fishing opportunities in the Eastern Sierra. Five lakes and twenty miles of stream allows for plenty of angling options. The fishing is fantastic from the opener in April all the way through the end of the season in November. Bait, lures, plastics, flies and trolling plugs all catch fish in the canyon so whether you're hoping to catch a limit for dinner or catch and release wild trout Fly Fishing, we have you covered!

Lake Sabrina

At 195 surface acres, Sabrina is the largest and most famous lake in the Canyon. Amazing views make Sabrina a popular spot with photographers but the fishing is what brings most visitors. Rainbow, Brown and Brook trout can be found in the lake. There is plenty of shore access at Sabrina but the folks at Lake Sabrina Boat Landing and we have a fleet of rental boats and kayaks to make getting to the honey holes much easier. There is also a well maintained boat launch, cafe and tackle shop at Sabrina. Click here for rental information.

Lake Sabrina in October

South Lake

South Lake has been a favorite of many anglers for decades. The clear blue water is teeming with rainbow, brook and the elusive brown trout. There is ample shore access at the 170 acre South Lake but some of the best spots are only accessible by boat. Kayaks, float tubes and private boats are a common sight on South. There is a tackle shop and rental fleet, at South Lake. The launch facility is adequate for most boats and there is a $5 voluntary launch fee. The lake record Brown Trout is 17lbs 1oz caught back in 1998. Fish at least that big have been spotted in the past few years so that record may fall at any time. Click Here for more information on South Lake.

South Lake Bishop Fall

Bishop Creek

To many visitors, fishing the canyon means casting a line into one of the many pools along Bishop Creek.


The South Fork begins at South Lake and flows down canyon approximately seven miles before joining with the middle fork. The South Fork has slow meandering stretches, fast pocket water and some large deep pools so no matter what type of water you prefer, it's here.


The Middle Fork of Bishop Creek starts below Lake Sabrina and flows 4 miles before joining with the South Fork. Many of the best stretches are in USFS campgrounds like Bishop Park and Sabrina Camp.


The California DFG stocks the creek weekly with rainbow trout and supplemented with Trophy Trout in the 2-8lb class regularly. 

South Fork Bishop Creek

Weir Pond

Easily the most popular spot in the Bishop Creek Canyon for Fly Fishers is the 3 acre Weir Pond. Weir is located just below South Lake and about 1/2 mile up canyon from Parchers Resort. Weir is a shallow pond with subtle current making it a perfect spot for wading. This small lake holds a healthy population of wild brown, brook and rainbow trout in addition to planted rainbows and trophy trout.

Weir Pond on So Fork Bishop Creek

Backcountry Wild Trout

The Bishop Creek Canyon has 5 trailheads leading to over 50 pristine backcountry lakes stuffed with wild trout. One can catch wild Brook, Brown, Rainbow and Golden trout if one wanders past where the road ends and the trail begins. These backcountry trout are eager to attack most flies and lures during the summer months. Happy hiking!

Wild Golden Trout
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