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Rental Policies



Deposits & Cancellations
All boat reservations are pre-paid and a 100% deposit is due  at the time the booking is made, no exceptions.

Cancellation of all or part of a boat reservation requires 3 days (72 hours) notice to receive a deposit refund regardless of when make your booking. All cancellations are subject to a $10 service charge. Deposits cannot be rolled over to the following year or to a later date. No-Shows are responsible for 100% of their balance - no exceptions.


Although we are genuinely sympathetic to the many unexpected challenges that we all experience in life,  with a short 5 month window to operate South Lake Boat Landing does not assume any financial liability for circumstances that may prevent you from visiting. There will be no refunds or compensation for anything that is out of our control including but not limited to anything Mother Nature throws our way (inclement weather, smoke/air quality etc.), car trouble, personal emergencies, illness, health issues or limitations, altitude sickness, family emergencies, water levels, boat availability, trail conditions, how good the fall color looks, how well the fish are biting or ANYTHING else that is out of our control. If you are concerned that you may have to cancel your reservation due to unforseen circumstances or external factors we highly recommend travel insurance to protect your vacation investment.

There are no refunds or discounts for early departures or late arrivals. Our guests are responsible for the entirety of their reservation.

Arrivals & Departures
Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled reservation so you can fill out liability waiivers and check in. 

Personal Flotation Devices

All guests will be provided with PFD's and are expected to use them as directed by our marina staff and in accordance with state reguations. 


We realize that fishing isn't always the cleanest activity however we ask that our guests remove all trash when disembarking the boat. Do not leave the boat full of sunflower seeds, worm dirt or smears of powerbait in or on the boat. Rentals that are returned in unreasonably dirty conditions will be charged a $50 cleaning fee.


Pontoon boats are not permitted to make contact with the shore at any time. The rocky shoreline of the lake can easily puncture the pontoon or damage the boat and increases the liklihood of damaging the propeller or motor Any guest found beaching the boat will forfeit their rental without refund. The boat will be assessed for damages and the guest will be held financially responsible for any repairs and lost revenue.

High Country Weather
High country weather is very unpredictable but seasonal highs average in the 70’s during the summer and in the 50’s or 60’s in the spring and fall. Average lows are in the high 40’s during the summer and in the low 30’s in the spring and fall. There is a link to our local forecast on the homepage of our website. High and low temps can fluctuate drastically from week to week and day to day so we always recommend that our guests come prepared for both cold and warm conditions to insure a pleasant stay.  Early season and late season snow, and summer thunderstorms, are part of what make the Sierra Nevada amazing, don’t be surprised if they visit while you’re here.

Lake Sabrina Boat Landing does not assume liability for weather conditions, snowpack, wind, rain, smoke, or road conditions and refunds will not be provided for conditions out of our control. Sorry, no exceptions.

Water & Fishing Conditions
Please be advised that creek flows and reservoir levels in the Bishop Creek Canyon fluctuate based on season, snowpack, runoff, Los Angeles DWP diversions, irrigation requirements and infrastructure maintenance by Southern California Edison. We are not liable for the water level or water conditions as these factors are totally out of our control.  Refunds will not be provided based on these conditions.

Trout stocking is provided by the California Department of Fish & Wildlife and is paid for with revenue from fishing license sales. While we do periodically supplement these stockings with additional trout, we assume no liability for the frequency, size, or amount of fish stocked by the state of California as this is out of our control. Refunds will not be provided based on these conditions.

We are dog friendly so long as the dog is friendly. Dogs must be kept on a leash at all times. Guests must always clean up after their pet while on the resort grounds. Guests are liable for any damage to our boats. 

We no longer provide or allow BBQ's or any cooking devices on our boats. Due to the last two California wildfire seasons we were dropped by our insurance company and we had great difficulty obtaining fire insurance from another vendor. Our new vendor premiums have increased 500% over 2021 so it is no longer worth the risk. 

Medical Notice
Our elevation at the resort is 9,260ft and many of the hiking trails go above 11,000ft.  If you have a heart condition, breathing problems or any condition that may cause sensitivity to high altitudes, it is suggested that you check with your physician before to making a reservation or visiting Parchers resort. Lake Sabrina Boat Landing does not assume any liability for illness caused by the altitude and refunds will not be provided. Sorry, no exceptions.

Non-Descrimination Policy

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